this video of Tom Hanks furious at a fan who pushed his wife

Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson at the Academy of Motion Pictures Opening Night Gala. (Los Angeles, September 25, 2021.) Pictures

The Oscar-winning actor slammed a man who nearly ran over his wife, Rita Wilson, while the couple were out on Wednesday night in New York City.

You don’t touch your wife. While Tom Hanks and his wife Rita Wilson were enjoying a romantic evening with a cinema and restaurant program, they were quickly surrounded by many fans as they returned to their car. It was then that a fan, it seems inadvertently, jostled the actress, provoking the anger of her husband, on Wednesday June 15 in New York.

On the video, we see the couple assailed by flashes and requests for autographs. Nothing unusual for the Oscar winner but this time things got out of hand. And for good reason: while a fan tries to speak with the actor of Forrest Gump, he does not look in front of him and jostles Rita Wilson. “Stop it,” exclaims the latter in a cry. Before her husband vehemently comes to her rescue: “Step back, whore! Are you running over my wife?!”

Surprised by the actor’s anger, those present immediately backed off, leaving the couple to get into a waiting vehicle a few meters from the scene. The fan, meanwhile, tried to redeem himself and shout to his idol, “Sorry about that Tom.”

Actor’s health concerns

This altercation comes as the health of the interpreter of Alone in the world causes concern. Earlier in the day, he was seen on the streets of Manhattan in a baggy T-shirt, revealing his body, considered frail by some, as reported by the DailyMail .

In video, the trailer forElvis

Earlier this month, while he was promotingElvis , in which he plays the King’s manager, played by Austin Butler, he suffered violent tremors in his right hand and was unable to stop them. Neither the couple nor their two sons, Chet, 32, and Truman, 25, have spoken about it.