This was the emotional 90th birthday of Enzo Bolocco, father of Cecilia and Diana

The host Cecilia Boloco 47 years old, she is one of the most followed women on her social networks, both for her talent and beauty as well as for the important place her family occupies in the country. Without going any further, the weekend she turned 90, her father Enzo de ella and her, along with her sister Diana de ella, celebrated it in style.

The person in charge of publishing the postcards of the great family celebration on social networks before her million and a half followers from all latitudes, was Diana Boloco. She also left an emotional message next to the album and wrote: “Yesterday my beautiful daddy turned 90. The celebration was so nice! How lucky we are to have him and to be able to tell him everything he has meant to each of us and how much we love him. “.