This was the moment when Christian Estrada took his son from Ferka

One of the most talked about topics in the Mexican entertainment world is undoubtedly the news that Christian Estrada was arrested after stealing the son he had with his former partner, Ferka.

“I made an appointment with him at 10 in the morning and he ambushed me with a false lawyer. The lawyer Alan physically assaulted me. I have witnesses.” said the former Guerreros 2020 participant in a video.

“Christian Estrada Martínez has just taken my son away from me, I met him so that he could see his son because he has always made statements that I have his son hidden and I don’t let him see him,” added.

Videos immediately circulated in which the host and actress are seen crying and asking the police for help. Meanwhile, one of the recordings captures the moment when Estrada appears with her son in her arms taking an elevator.

It is known that after Ferka denounced his ex-partner, Leonel returned to his arms and Christian was arrested and imprisoned while his legal situation is clarified.