This was the Polo Polo shows at the Manuel Doblado Theater in his homeland

León, Guanajuato.- The death of Polo Polo revived the memories of his fans in his homeland, Leon, Guanajuatowhere he returned on several occasions to make people laugh with his double meaning and his gambles.

In his youth, Polo Polo was dedicated to the shoe industry thanks to the fact that it was his family’s trade, but when he reached adulthood, he realized how easy it was to get laughs with his witticisms, most of which were very loud. tone.

So after taking a risk and working in small establishments without receiving any remuneration, he went to what was then called the Federal District and rose to national fame for his “colorful” jokes.

Polo Polo in his youth when he started in comedy. Photo: Google

In the last ten years, Polo Polo returned to the city as a ‘prodigal son’ with a repertoire of jokes that made his countrymen laugh.

On April 27, 2012, the comedian offered two performances at the Manuel Doblado Theaterand among his jokes, he highlighted the one that was rather a beauty and rejuvenation tip.

“I have realized that tequila rejuvenates, the other time I drank 15 and woke up all urinated, thrown away and…”, said Polo Polo.

Two years later, on November 20, the “King of Albur” also returned to Manuel Doblado to celebrate 40 years of career, although he did not have the expected audience, Polo Polo also made jokes about that.

Also from the husbands, with anecdotes that cannot be missing, like when it is late for them to get home and they invent any story.

“A wife asks her husband very angrily: Where do you come from? He replied: well, according to Darwin, from the monkey”, joked Polo Polo.

His farewell tour was also going to have a place in León, the appointment was agreed for October 21, 2016 at the Fair Dome, however, the event was canceled and was not rescheduled.