This was the premiere of “Disappeared”, Roberto Ángel Salcedo’s first thriller

Caribbean Cinemas of Galería 360 received this Monday the entire cast of the first thriller by filmmaker Roberto Ángel Salcedo, entitled “Disappeared”, which will be on theaters starting April 28, and will be part of the billboard of the International Fine Arts Film Festival .

“This is a film that fills me with great satisfaction; it is to start a new stage in our professional career with a film with different characteristics from what we have done up to now”, expressed the also screenwriter during the premiere gala of this story that has the production of Miranda Films, Ring Films and the distribution from Caribbean Films Distribution.

The feature film has a formidable cast, with a high commitment, preparation and a career on the big screen. Some actors have previously participated in films by Ring Films and Miranda Films. While others debut with Roberto Ángel.

Part of the cast attended the premier gala, including Gaby Desangles, Lizbeth Santos, Jalsen Santana, Albert Mena, Johnnie Mercedes, Miguel Lendor (Papachin), María Castillo, Christian Álvarez, Ramón Candelario and Anderson Mercedes.

“Disappeared” tells the story of Manuel (Roberto Ángel Salcedo), a young, enterprising and married man, who has an accident after a long chase; his pursuer (Johnnie Mercedes), when looking for him in the car he was driving, cannot find him, and that is when the plot begins to find his whereabouts. Manuel’s wife, Paulina (Gabi Desangles), starts an investigation with the police that will end up revealing hidden details of Manuel’s life.

“It has been very satisfying and gratifying, because it is a story that keeps the public waiting and wanting to discover what happened to Manuel,” Roberto Ángel Salcedo revealed to the press.

“It was a very pleasant experience (…) We shot the film between the months of June and July of last year (in the midst of the pandemic) and we are ready, as of April 28, to place it for the consideration of the entire public” , highlighted the renowned director.