This was the return of Alex Speitzer to Televisa; Galilea Montijo congratulated him

The actor congratulated his brother (Photo: Instagram/@alejandrospeitzer)
The actor congratulated his brother (Photo: Instagram/@alejandrospeitzer)

Alexander Speitzer He is part of the generation of young Mexican artists who have not only already demonstrated their talent in the Aztec country, but also worldwide thanks to the various high-class projects, mainly on streaming platforms, in which they have participated and achieved a number of fans who are continuously interested in his past in the artistic medium.

Therefore, everything related to Televisa He always causes a stir on social networks, because his great performances as a single child on the San Ángel television station have created a nostalgic memory. That is why his recent appearance in video format inside the morning Todayto encourage the participation of his brother Charles Speitzer within the viral competition The Stars Dance Todaywhere he dances with the queen of reality shows, Manelyk Gonzalez.

Before Carlos made his first appearance on the dance floor of Today, the message sent by his famous brother was transmitted: “How are you doing? Are you nervous? Tell me! I just wanted to tell you that I love you, that I adore you, that I wish you much successthat you have a great time, that you enjoy”, the actor of dark desirea series in which he stars with RBD Maite Perroni.

Carlos Speitzer participates in the Televisa reality show, with Manelyk González (Photo: Instagram/@carlos_speitzer)
Carlos Speitzer participates in the Televisa reality show, with Manelyk González (Photo: Instagram/@carlos_speitzer)

The actor of other streaming productions such as The Club, The Queen Of The South 2 Y someone has to die -created by the Mexican film director, Manolo Caro– He added that he greatly admires his older brother, who has also participated in various soap operas of the now called Televisa Univisionjust as he made it clear to viewers that the Speitzer surname will be well represented in the reality show because his years of experience support us.

“I have always respected and admired how professional and human you are and from you I have learned professionalism, I have no doubt, that you are going to demonstrate what I have seen for so many years in your careerbut the most important thing and what we have been learning together along the way is enjoy, have a good time and we will be sending you good vibes from here”, he commented.

Given the emotion of having the young actor, who can already be considered a world-class actor, the beloved host of the morning Galilea Montijo -who will join the successful female program Divine Net for unicable– thanked the actor for helping the production to surprise his brother, recalling that the Speitzer brothers began their careers as actors in childhood. Televisa Kids: “Alex, thank you very much. We have also known him since he was a child and seeing how he is succeeding internationally gives me great pleasure.”, commented the protagonist of The hidden truth.

This was the actor's message (Photo: Instagram/@carlos_speitzer)
This was the actor’s message (Photo: Instagram/@carlos_speitzer)

Children’s soap operas were one of the successes and great successes that Televisa has had in its 70-year history. Yes ok, the first production with a minor protagonist was The Collection in 1971, the first achievement of the genre occurred in the mid-1970s, with the rehash of the Chilean production daddy heartwhich the San Ángel television station titled toy world.

The Speitzer brothers participated in a soap opera with Danna Paola (Photo: Instagram/@carlos_speitzer)
The Speitzer brothers participated in a soap opera with Danna Paola (Photo: Instagram/@carlos_speitzer)

Regrettably in 2005, after the issuance of Paul and Andrea with Danna Paola as protagonist, these stories stopped happening. Many of the aforementioned titles caused great impact in their time, but those stories are no longer current within the programming of Televisa. Although some fans believed that the change was due to a bad plot or even the acting performance of hey paulthe reason was another.


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