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Bradley Cooperthe famous actor of Hollywood remembered for his character stellar in the film “A star is born” with Lady Gagawill star in the new movie biographical on the musician and composer Leonard Bernstein.

The film, called “Maestro”, is being directed by himself, with a script written by Josh Singer and under the production of stars like steven spielberg, Martin Scorsese Y Todd Phillips. The film is expected to be released in Netflix next year, as reported by the web portal Vogue.

In fact, several have already been made public. Photographs of the change in appearance that Bradley is undergoing during the recordings, to give life to the “Master” Bernstein.

And now the famous kiss between Bradley Cooper and Matt Bomer, who is also part of the cast, during the shooting of a scene for the film. Fans go crazy for the romantic moment, even if it was fictional.

Matt Boomer kisses Bradley Cooper on the set of “Maestro”

Matt Boomer is considered one of the most attractive men in Hollywood, and in real life he is openly homosexual. Bradley, on the other hand, was only known to heterosexual couples, among which stand out irina shayk, Renée Zellweger Y Jennifer Esposito.

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However, he had no problem letting himself be kissed romantically by his co-star, Matt Bomer, during a take on the film’s set.

As reported by the web portal La Nación, in the images that circulated rapidly through InternetMatt is seen grabbing Bradley’s face as they play their characters, then leaning in close to passionately kissing him on the mouth.

Immediately afterwards, Bradley turns smiling towards one of the cameras and then runs and jumps with apparent excitement for the moment.

Fans explode with excitement on social media

Both of them mens They are gallants in the industry entertainmentespecially Matt Bomer, who with his performances in productions like “White Collar” and “Magic Mike” left several with their mouths open.

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Now, fans are debating on social networks for which of the two has more luck kissing the other. These were some of the phrases that stood out as a result of the scene:

“Tremendous kiss! I don’t know if I want to be Bradley Cooper or Matt Bomer.”

“Bradley Cooper and Matt Bomer are pure love in pictures from the set of #Maestro.”

“Bradley Cooper and Matt Bomer kissing on this beautiful Monday afternoon. We all win #Master”. (AND)

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