This was what Anahí assured about whether there will be a reunion tour of RBD

Mexico City.- As a result of the reunion concert of RBD at the end of 2020, its members: Anahi, Maite Perroni, Christian Chavez Y Christopher Uckermanexcited their millions of followers with the probability of a tour in which they would also participate Sweet Maria.

It transpired that the same celebrities would be promoting this reunion tour, as they supposedly assured that they were already in talks so that this could become a reality.

To this day, the singer Anahí was the one who ended up disappointing the fans of the group, since she made it official that the famous band that had its boom throughout Latin America will not return soon.

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This is because the members of the band RBD They have not been able to reach an agreement and apparently each one is focused on their own projects, so they cannot commit to a full tour of several countries.

Through an interview on the YouTube channel, the singer confirmed the news. Photo: Instagram.

This information was released through an interview on the TV channel Youtube of Tony Stars TV, where the interpreter of “Me hypnotizes” assured that if it were her, the tour would have already been completed, but for now she will have to wait for her companions to have plans to meet again. “No, right now we are all, I think, like everyone very much on their way,” she commented.

Despite the fact that each of the celebrities has already expressed their intention to participate in a concert tour for the reunion of RBDSo far, it has only been confirmed that the plans have vanished, since everyone has a busy schedule with personal projects.

Dulce María’s participation in the 2000s Pop Tour was recently announced, and many fans think that the singer may possibly give life to one of RBD’s hits.

As long as Christopher Y Christian they are working on their own projects; what’s more, Maite has boosted her career as an actress, by participating in several series and movies that turned out to be very successful, on platforms such as Netflix, Pantaya Y Amazon Prime Video.

Everyone has a busy schedule with personal projects and no one seems to want to tour. Photo: Special.

For its part, Alfonso Herrera He made it clear from the beginning that, even if his companions return, he will not participate in the band again, since he was never interested in music, since he only participated in the group because his contract required it.

As to Anahírecently released a duet single with moderate and apparently she wants to reactivate in the music scene, but at the moment she is dedicated to her family, so she has also ruled out that she has plans to return to entertainment soon. But in social networks she is usually more active and with more interaction with her fans.

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