This was what Emme, Jennifer Lopez’s daughter, did after learning of Marc Anthony’s engagement – ​​New Woman

Emme, twin that was the result of the marriage they held Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony from 2004 to 2014, has become a “fashion icon” every time he reappears with his mother.

Currently, She is already 14 years old and, every time she goes out with JLo, it is perceived that they fully enjoy her company, they have the most fashionable looks and they have a lot of fun.

After Marc Anthony decided to give love a new chance and announced in days past your commitment with his girlfriend Miss Paraguay, Nadia Ferreira, who is 33 years younger than him, Emme and Jennifer Lopez spent an afternoon together in the city of Los Angeles.

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During their walk, they decided to go shopping and the “Diva del Bronx” wore a long white dress to doc a season, which also highlighted her curves and that he combined with platform sandals.

The singer matched with a pair of oversized gold earrings, sunglasses and her hair was tied up in a high bun, which made her look very comfortable to beat the heat.

For her part, Emme Muñiz He wore a black and white three-quarter sleeve t-shirt, and contrasted it with worn blue jeans; while listening to music on his cell phone.

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The constant appearances of mother and daughter only prove how valuable their relationship is, despite the fact that, like her father, Jennifer Lopez also a few weeks ago announce their engagement with Ben Affleck couple with whom she had a relationship twenty years ago and with whom she is willing to form a new and large family.