”This will be the Austropop class reunion!”

Austropop rocks again for Ukraine on Sunday. At #YesWeCare at Vienna’s Heldenplatz, Kurt Ostbahn and Wanda are also represented by Edmund’s chart stars. The interview about the mega concert.

On Sunday you can rock at #YesWe Care at Vienna’s Heldenplatz…
We are really happy that we can make our contribution and appear for a good cause.

Around 100,000 visitors are expected…
Na sewas (laughter). Numbers like that don’t make us nervous yet, but they will for sure on Sunday. Now the anticipation outweighs any nervousness. But we’ll manage the 20-minute performance. We’re in the middle of rehearsals for our tour. So we’re perfectly coordinated.

How long did you hesitate before committing to it?
Not at all. We immediately accepted blindly. You absolutely have to do that. We Austrians can be proud of ourselves because we always show a huge donation heart when it matters. We will also not only play, but also donate. We’re a small country and we might not have much say on the world stage, but what we’ve always been able to do is help. Whether for a neighbor in need or now for Ukraine.

Which artist are you looking forward to the most?
We have never seen Wanda. We are extremely happy that we can share a stage with them. Also on the Folkshilfe. A mega live band! And of course to Dr. Kurt Ostbahn. There are so many laid back artists there. We really look forward to everyone. This will be the Austropop class reunion.

At Live Aid, Queen showed how you can deliver such a short set as effectively as possible to the audience…
We don’t think we can compare ourselves to Queen and Live Aid, but we’ll do our best. We’ll probably play four songs that fit the topic a bit: namely that we should help each other. As a finale we planned a special version of “Zam oid wearn”. And if there should be an All Star final again, then of course we definitely want to be there.