this world star is a member of his family…

Alessandra Sublet no longer presents herself. Indeed, it has been able to make a special place for itself in the hearts of the French for quite a few years now. Presenter, radio and television, talented, she never ceased to make herself endearing. All while demonstrating impeccable professionalism, of course. But it is true that we think above all of the inimitable laughter and infectious smile of Alessandra Sublet. For his admirers, it is difficult to list his qualities without mentioning his smile and his laughter. And Objeko therefore cannot blame them. But here it is, the one who is currently a member of the show’s jury Mask Singer, on TF1, has decided that she will no longer be a host. Determined to take up a new challenge, here she is changing careers, encouraged by her fans and loved ones, to become an actress.

Alessandra Sublet has more to be known than you think

The notoriety of Alessandra Sublet is due to her irreproachable skills, to her talent as an animator. But you should also know that the one who will soon stop playing opposite Nicolas Canteloup has not always been on television. Indeed, it was on the radio that she first started. Also, those who know her well had no doubt that she would be able to change careers overnight. It turns out that Alessandra Sublet probably decides at the right time to become an actress. After more than 20 years of television, she believes that she must leave this profession of passion as long as the happiness she feels in her work is still there. She didn’t want to find herself one day having to force herself to smile, for example. It is therefore by taking the lead that she decides to embark on a new project.

His fans, especially those subscribed to the star’s Instagram account, were able to learn it in advance. Alessandra Sublet played a role in a TF1 TV movie that highlighted disability and inclusion. A very beautiful story which revealed particularly gifted handicapped actors. And which therefore also highlighted the talents of the soon-to-be former host. A role that will therefore only be the first of a long series. In any case, that’s all you need to wish for the sparkling headliner ofHandigang.

But the subject that interests us more particularly today, Objeko told you above, these are the members of the family of Alessandra Sublet. Because according to several magazines, including the JFDthe one who started her acting career with an interview with Paris Match would be close to an international star! Indeed, perhaps she could have become famous by following in the footsteps of this member of her family?

A member of his family is known to football fans

Without making the suspense last too long, Objeko can therefore tell you that Alessandra Sublet indeed has family ties with an international star. More precisely with a well-known person in the world of football. Indeed, it is a former star of the round ball whose actress of the television film Handigang is the cousin! Describing herself as “daddy’s girl”, Alessandra Sublet does not hide her father’s passion for football from her fans. She will even choose her side and appear as a fervent supporter of Olympique Lyonnais, like a good part of her family no doubt. And for good reason ! The father of our star is none other than Joël Sublet, a player for OL in the 1970s!

And by digging a little further, it is therefore possible to find another star of the round ball among the members of the family of Alessandra Sublet. Indeed, the mother of Charlie and Alphonse is the distant cousin of Willy Sagnol. International player playing in Saint-Etienne, Monaco, Bayern Munich as well as in the national team. Since 2009, the distant cousin of Alessandra Sublet has become a coach. But he marked the history of football through his work and remains today without a doubt a source of pride for his relatives and members of his family. Some would even say he was one of the best players of his generation. But it was evolving unfortunately in the shadow of Lilian Thuram before becoming holder.