This year there are more “turn off and let’s go” parties this December 31, including the two free ones in Santiago and Santo Domingo

Santo Domingo. DR

The most popular merengue, salsa, bachata and urban music groups are on the billboard of the shows that will mark the countdown to receive the new year, 2023. After the pandemic, this time the activities are more than 2020 and the 2021.

In Santo Domingo, after two years of interruption due to Covid-19, this year the traditional festival of the media group returns Telemicro, on December 31 on the Malecón in Santo Domingo, with a variety of more than 20 artists on stage, in what they promise will be 12 hours of “uninterrupted” music, from 8:00 p.m. to 8:00 a.m. on January 1.

Within the musical billboard of the Telemicro party are: Rochy RD, Bulin 45, Luis Miguel del Amargue, Toño Rosario, Chimbala, Chiquito Team Band, Miriam Cruz, Jandy Ventura and The Legacy of Johnny Ventura, Ruth La Cantante, Luis Segura , Krisspy, El Yala, Dahian El Apechao, Kiko El Crazy, Musicologist, Tulile, Kaly Ocho, Pochy and the Cocoband, Silvio Mora, Eudis El Invencible, Angel Dior and Omega.

It is a free event, in which it will also have the traditional Christmas dinner, thanks to the Economic Canteens.

The inhabitants of Santiago de los Caballeros they will be able to say goodbye to the year with the “Mega Christmas party” At the main entrance to the parking lot of the Gran Teatro del Cibao.

For this installment, on the stage of the “Mega parranda” Jandy Ventura and The Legacy of Johnny Ventura, Davicito Kada, La Big Band del Merengue, Narciso El Pavarotti, Crazy Desing, Ángel Dior, Raquel Arias, Silvio Mora, Julián Oro Duro, Grupo Extra, Aramis Camilo, Peter Cruz, Vicente Pacheco will parade , Miguel Miguel, Raffy Diaz, Maria Diaz and Jossie Esteban, among other surprises.

“Starting at 5 in the afternoon on Saturday, families will be able to dance, sing and live great emotions with a spectacular concert in the style of La Super Ultra Mega Christmas Parranda, this Saturday, December 31 in a setting never seen before in the country, tons of the best music totally free for families”, reported the organizers.

Hotel Barcelo

On December 30, but in Santo Domingo, the two schools of merengue, Ramon Orlando with Peter Cruz and Dioni Fernández accompanied by Charlie Rodríguez, in what they promise will be a night of dancing in the La Mancha room of the Barceló Hotel, formerly Lina.

end of year cannonball

Toño Rosario, Miriam Cruz, Luis Miguel del Amargue, Alex Bueno, Jandy Ventura, Omega and Chiquito Team Band, bid farewell to the year with the “Year-End Cannon Shot 2022”, on December 31, starting at 10:00 p.m. and “until the sun rises”, at the La Fiesta theater of the Hotel Jaragua in Santo Domingo.

The Monarchs

A billboard that promises only merengue, also on December 31, is “Los Monarcas”, the Conjunto Quisqueya and Jossie Esteban, who will be accompanied by the stars of the 80’s, Carlos David, Aramis Camilo, Monchy Capricho and Fénix Ortiz, in the Hard Rock Café scene in Santo Domingo.

New Years Party 2023

On December 31, The Garden Tent room of the Hotel El Embajador becomes the stage where Héctor Acosta “El Torito” and the Rosario Brothers will offer a danceable New Year’s Eve night, with their traditional show “New Year’s Party”. 2023”.

Tequila Drink

From December 30, the engines begin to warm up with the loudest voice of merengue, Rubby Pérez and the voice of the world, Yolanda Duke, who come together on stage at Tequila Drink, Baní, from 9:00 p.m. to sing their greatest hits.


This Thursday the 29th, Mariano Lantigua and Aljadaqui will perform at Rustyc in Plaza Sambil. “Mentirosa”, “De medio lao”, “Si pensas vuelver” or “Se me va la vida” are some of the most popular titles by this Dominican pop-rock band.