This YouTuber offers the services of one of the greatest composers in the world: “I had to work with him”

Hans Zimmer, one of the greatest composers of film music is this time credited… at the end of a YouTube video. And who else to achieve this feat than the videographer with the most subscribers in the world?

12 days. That’s how much time MrBeast gave Hans Zimmer to create the soundtrack for his latest YouTube video. As we know, the man with 120 million subscribers produces more and more impressive videos and challenges himself more and more crazy. This time he decided to spend 50 hours outside on a glacier in the Antarctic region.

Chance of the calendar, the winner of two Oscars is in the zone at the same time. “When I found out he was there, I knew I had to work with him. I would have done anything to get there. Nobody else would have understood what it’s like to survive in a place like this“, explains the videographer. And what a joy for the creator to hear that Hans Zimmer was “just as excited about the project“.

Second concern: time. To be able to create the original soundtrack in a few days, the composer called on James Everingham and Adam Lukas with whom he had already collaborated. “When MrBeast offers you a challenge, you know it’s going to be crazy… Well, challenge accepted“, comments the musical genius.

The final product was released on Jimmy Donaldson’s channel aka MrBeast on December 24th. In the comments, Internet users do not believe their ears when they hear the youtubeur thank Hans Zimmer. “That’s crazy!