Thomas Gottschalk talks about separation from Thea

Thomas Gottschalk on separation from Thea

“It was a life decision that I don’t regret a day”

They were considered a dream couple for around 40 years – but then Thomas and Thea Gottschalk separated in 2019. Now the moderator is talking about this decision.

Published: 19 minutes ago

Thomas (72) and Thea (76) Gottschalk were married for around 40 years. But then the “Wetten, dass..?” presenter and his wife surprisingly announced their separation in 2019. It wasn’t a spontaneous decision, as the TV legend now reveals in the “Bunte” interview, because he still believes in long-haul relationships.

“After 40 years of marriage, I didn’t elope with my wife with a 28-year-old ballet dancer, I didn’t jump over a stick lightly,” said Gottschalk about the separation. He further explains his decision: “It was a life decision that I don’t regret a day.”