Thomas Gottschalk: Touching words from son Roman: “Dad is my role model”

The “Wetten, dass…?” legend is known for openly chatting out of the box and sometimes sharing intimate details. But the sons of moderator Thomas Gottschalk (72) have so far stayed in the background and have only revealed little about their private lives. Roman Gottschalk (39), the eldest son of the “Wetten, dass…?” moderator, has so far enjoyed a life far away from the hustle and bustle in the USA.

Same facial expressions & a lot of resemblance: In the video above you can see Thomas Gottschalk’s son Roman.

Thomas emigrated there together with his ex-wife Thea (76), Roman and son Tristan (33) in the mid-nineties. Roman still resides there, more specifically in California – with his wife Melissa and a young son. Now, for the first time, the 39-year-old has been more honest than ever about his relationship with Papa Thomas.

Thomas Gottschalk: His son Roman is the complete opposite of him

In an interview with the “Bild” newspaper, Roman explained that he not only has little in common with his father in terms of appearance: “I’m quiet by nature and rather shy. Dad is casual, funny and spontaneous with his sayings. I, on the other hand, make myself often too many thoughts.” The 39-year-old also remembered his childhood with the moderator: “My brother and I were often behind the scenes of ‘Wetten, dass..?’ It was all about spending time with my dad.”

Roman Gottschalk: “I raise my son the way I was raised”

Even today, Roman seems to maintain a close relationship with his father. He assured “Bild”: “I visit my dad often since he lives in Germany again. I want to maintain our close relationship. I raise my little son the way I was raised. Dad is my role model. I know that I can talk to him about anything.” Roman also seems to have grown fond of his father’s new love, Karina Mroß (60): “Dad is happy, that makes me happy. Of course, my parents’ separation was a shock at first, but my mother is doing well too I see her more often now than I used to.”