Thomas Gottschalk: Zoff about his former villa on Lake Ammer

Thomas Gottschalk (71) is pissed off. The reason for the excitement is his former home at Ammersee (D). The “Villa Weiss” in which he lived from the early 1980s to the turn of the millennium is torn down. Nine luxury villas will be built on the property in Inning. The new owners, consisting of four partnerships, are now using a brazen ploy to advertise the houses.

According to the German newspaper, the website of “I’m Living Immobilien” said: “I bet that … you and your family will feel comfortable in this top location? The 25,000 square meter property on the Steger Berg, the high shore of Lake Ammer, once belonged to Thomas Gottschalk, who owned a villa there.» And further: “The aim is to develop the ‘Gottschalk’ property into a jewel.”

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“So it’s a mess”

It’s just stupid that the moderator didn’t know about it and is now mighty angry. “If they had called me and offered me the penthouse if they could sell the thing with my name on it, I might have started thinking. But it’s a mess like that,” the showmaster railed against “Bild”.

The ZDF show “Wetten, dass ..?” is also affected by the advertising. He hopes that the broadcaster will “slap them on the back.” In the meantime, the offer with Gottschalk has been deleted. An employee explained: “We will probably put it back online without naming the moderator.”

The owners have plans. There will be nine luxury properties with roof terraces, outdoor fireplace and pool on the property for 5.8 million euros each. (bsn)