Thore Schölermann found DSDS with Dieter Bohlen to be “very, very disgusting”

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As the moderator of “The Voice of Germany”, Thore Schölermann is very familiar with successful music formats on television. He very much welcomes the path that the RTL competition “Deutschland sucht den Superstar” has taken with the new jury. On the other hand, he has harsh criticism for ex-juror Dieter Bohlen.

Munich – With Dieter Bohlen (all news about pop titan Dieter Bohlen at a glance) “Deutschland sucht den Superstar”-Aus, RTL wanted to open a whole new chapter in terms of the popular cult format – a step that still does not fully convince all viewers Has. Thore Schölermann, who otherwise actually moderates shows like “The Voice of Germany” at the competing broadcaster ProSieben, felt that the jury exchange was overdue. However, he made serious allegations against the 68-year-old pop titan.

Dieter BohlenSinger, music producer and ex-DSDS juror
BornFebruary 7, 1954 in Berne
partnerCarina Walz (since 2006)
music groupsModern Talking, Blue System

Thore Schölermann praises the new DSDS jury – “The Voice” moderator takes criticism from Dieter Bohlen

The new “Deutschland sucht den Superstar” jury around Florian Silbereisen is still controversial among many fans of the RTL format, but Thore Schölermann was enthusiastic about the realignment that DSDS took in the 19th season at Antenne Bayern on Sunday breakfast . That’s because the 37-year-old is primarily in favor of positive TV shows, as he explained: “Where I just sit in the evening and I feel good and don’t go out there with such a weird negative feeling.”

As positive examples, the moderator not only named the ratings hits “The Voice of Germany” or “The Masked Singer” from his home broadcaster ProSieben, but also the casting show from competitor RTL, which has been extremely successful for years – but this has only been positive for a short time! “Even if it’s competition now, but fortunately they somehow understood that it really doesn’t work that way anymore,” commented the actor Dieter Bohlen’s DSDS expulsion – and then went into open criticism.

Thore Schölermann found DSDS with Dieter Bohlen to be “very, very disgusting”
/ © Rolf Vennenbernd/dpa

“Would never moderate something like that”: Thore Schölermann found DSDS with Dieter Bohlen to be “very, very disgusting”

Thore Schölermann criticized the fact that many a careless DSDS candidate was ridiculed in front of the camera, without mincing his words: “Those people who maybe sometimes, well, didn’t think too much at all, I’ll put it this way, I think it’s so bad that they are then finished there so that people laugh about it.

“And then there’s a Dieter who sits there and then cheers and his sayings there … I find that very, very disgusting,” said the long-time “Forbidden Love” actor, snubbed by the behavior of the pop titan. He would never have wanted to be involved in a program under such conditions, as the 37-year-old revealed: “If you had asked me, I would never have been able to moderate something like that.”

Because of hard DSDS criticism – Thore Schölermann believes in “television karma” for Dieter Bohlen

For Thore Schölermann, who regularly deals with the candidates on the set of “The Voice of Germany”, it is important “to look the people in the eye (…) even when the camera is off”. be able. He himself always encourages the participants.

He believes that “television karma will strike back at some point”, as far as ex-DSDS judge Dieter Bohlen is concerned, as he finally explained. It remains to be seen whether and when you will see the pop titan on TV again – Dieter Bohlen himself announced his TV comeback a while ago.

Dieter Bohlen is back! Poptitan trusts Pietro Lombardi and Katja Krasavice for modern talking covers

For the former “Deutschland sucht den Superstar” boss, however, it first goes back to the music world: Dieter Bohlen is now releasing a modern talking cover alongside Pietro Lombardi and Katja Krasavice. Sources used: Antenna Bavaria Sunday breakfast