those inappropriate questions he was asked after the death of his parents

Louane no longer presents himself. Singer but also actress, the young woman is a talented artist that France discovered in 2013 in The Voice. Indeed, from the height of her 17 years, the one who is one of the essential figures of French song was on television for the first time. And the following year, on the strength of her success on TF1, she shone at the cinema in the film The Aries family. Film which earned Louane the César for best female hope!

Decidedly, a great future was taking shape in front of her. But it must indeed have been difficult for him to rejoice fully. Because it was during those years that his parents died. Her father first, while she participated in Tea Voice, and his mother the following year. Obviously Louane was going through an extremely difficult period there. And at the same time, she had to deal with this new notoriety and the sometimes intrusive questions from the press. Especially about the death of his parents. In the columns of TV 7 Daysthe star of Visions agreed to finally return to the pain of this double mourning. As well as on the shocking behavior of some journalists… Objeko tell you everything.

Louane opens up about her journey with an open heart

Loane’s career has every reason to make people dream. An artist at heart, she finds her place on stage as if the latter had always been waiting for her. The public is at the rendezvous and he will not leave it afterwards. However, the star does not win the season of The Voice in which she participated. But it’s even more inspiring to see her fabulous journey when she wasn’t even the winner of her season. Also, it was possible to believe that Louane was a talented singer and that was enough to give her so much attention. But the public could discover that she was also a promising actress in The Aries Family. And since 2014, her fans have been hoping to see her again in a role. A hope that has materialized since the advent of the TF1 series, Visions.

That said, Louane fans who read Objeko know it, the glory of the artist did not arrive at the best moment of his life. At the same time that the public offered her its recognition, the young woman lost her two parents in turn. First her dad, Jean-Pierre, in February 2003. Then her mother, Isabelle, the following year. And need we remind you that in 2013 and 2014 Louane was 17 and 18 years old? Obviously, at the time of these dramas, it was terribly difficult for her to speak about these subjects to the press.

In the columns of TV 7 Days, she returns to this difficulty. A difficulty that was no doubt exacerbated by the inappropriate questions of the journalists who addressed her at the start of her career. “I have taken a step. A few years ago, I didn’t want to talk about it, because it was hyperviolent at times. Journalists asked me: ‘How did it feel to you to lose your parents?’ I was totally hallucinated! Of course it’s painful to lose your parents! Today, I learned to live with it, I grew up with it. », said Louane.

A star’s life is not always a rosy life

Despite the success, the glory and the satisfaction of making a living from her passion, Louane had to learn to live with terrible dramas. Indeed, it is unimaginable to lose two of your loved ones so young and so close to each other. However, Louane explains that she is taming her pain as time goes by. Without forgetting her parents or denying the fact that she misses them, she manages to say that she is happy and fulfilled. In a relationship with the love of her life, Louane became the mother of a little girl. And Objeko do not hide from you that this is no stranger to the positive feelings of the artist.

“I’m not sad every day, because I’m a positive person and I don’t let myself down. But it’s not easy, I still take slaps. A date, a moment, a scent… I wrote a new song about it. In the text, I say that one of the most difficult things is to smell the perfume of the person who is no longer there on someone else. My mother had a perfume that no one knew. And during a trip to New York, I found it in a shop, by chance. I bought it, it’s at home and my daughter played with it this morning, putting it on. But there, it was very sweet as a moment. »finally told Louane, still in the columns of TV 7 Days.