thought that Lincoln was “very dog”

If there is a couple that has been in the minds of the public for years, it is the one made up of the presenter Carolina Cruz and the actor Lincoln Palomeque. Since 2008 began the journey of love that, to date, still continues.

The entertainment portals have incorporated them on their covers and, day after day, any action or comment that one of them says on social networks becomes a trend. The duo met at the Bogota Half Marathon, a race that takes place in the capital where hundreds of citizens gather.

Cruz had known him before and at some point Palomeque asked him if he had a boyfriend. “I told him that I had finished a month ago, he told me that he did not know, He asked me if I was alright and I told him I was calm. He, very gentlemanly, stuck with me and accompanied me throughout the race, hahaha, ”wrote the famous through her literary creation called ‘My world, my footprints’.

Carolina Cruz and Lincoln Palomeque is a couple that, without a doubt, has crossed borders. However, nothing happened in that exercise and outdoor meeting, the celebrity assured. In fact, the 42-year-old woman stated that by then in his mind it had not occurred to him to consolidate what he has today with Cucuteño 45 years old, well he considered that he was something of a womanizer, a ‘hummingbird’.

“After an hour we reached the 10 kilometer finish line, after talking, ‘getting behind’, and supposedly jogging, we said goodbye, and that was it. I met my brother and he asked me: ‘And this Lincoln is throwing the dogs at you?’ I told him?! Zero. He just accompanied me. I’ve known him for a thousand years and I don’t think he even likes me. What’s more, he is very dog’. I used to hear in the corridors of my work that he was going out with one and the other, hahaha. So it never crossed my mind to have something with him.”

A week passed and Fate brought them together again The Colombians met at a Colombian fashion event that was present in the city of eternal spring, Medellín. Although they shared a flight, each one stayed in different hotels.

It seemed that it was not going for more, since they had already seen each other and half shared. But, in reality, there was more and one night the famous duo met again; they took the initiative to go dancing and eat something, for Cruz the intentions went further.

The Valle del Cauca account that Palomeque was very attentive and at dawn she left the place with her friends, so she continued to say goodbye to the actor. “She took us to the taxi, she paid her and gave her the instructions so that she would leave us at the door of the hotel,” shared the Caracol television presenter.

At the meeting they exchanged cell phone numbers, the contact was already there and when he arrived at the hotel he saw a text message in which the artist asked him about his arrival. “He wrote me that he had loved talking to me, that he had always seen me as a ‘play’ girl, and that he had been surprised by my simplicity and coolness. At that moment I thought: ‘Mmm… here’s something else’, hahaha, and I went to sleep, “revealed Carolina.

Since that day, Palomeque won the heart of the model and businesswoman. The actor in the new adaptation of Woman-fragranced coffee He began to bring earrings, gifts, letters and other items to the RCN set, when he presented on this channel. In addition, the Colombian indicated that they only communicated by text message. From one moment to the next, she loved it.

A month of gifts and daily talks passed, but then they met again and went to the movies, although that was not the scene of the first kiss, moreover, the famous one states that there was “not even half a friction”. After this, they went back to partying and there, in that casual encounter that lasted until 6:00 am, they shared their first kiss of love.

“Wishing that the night and the day had no end, and that day we had the first kiss. I got home and my mom was awake waiting for me, she asked me how she had gone and I told her: ‘He is the father of my children’ ”, wrote the mother of Matias and Salvador, also children of Lincoln.

Despite everything, after seven years of relationship they separated. However, as the popular saying goes, ‘love can do everything’ and that is why they returned, continue working on their passions and building the family that Carolina imagined from the day she kissed the father of her two children for the first time.