Thousands receive the new year 2023 in CDMX with Los Ángeles Azules – El Sol de México

To the cumbiero and handsome rhythm of Los Ángeles Azules, hundreds of chilangos and visitors from other states of the republic and the world await the arrival of the new year 2023 on Reforma Avenue, in front of the Ángel de la Independencia, after two years without face-to-face festivities for the Covid-19 pandemic.

Starting at 6:00 p.m., to reach a place close to the emblematic musicians of Iztapalapa, people of all ages began to gather in front of the stage of this celebration organized by the CDMX Government. Many wear outlandish festive hats or other accessories, but still others continue to use mouthpieces to prevent contagion.

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Among them is Carlos García, a trailer operator, who has come with his wife and children. They are from Tizayuca, and they already have the tradition of celebrating the new year at El Ángel for several years, but they affirm that this occasion is special, because they feel safer in the face of the pandemic and because they are going to listen to their great idols live, who are always with them, at work, housework and family parties.

“We have known them since their beginnings and we listen to them almost daily. I do it when I am driving or do documentation, so I have realized that they are listened to throughout the republic. They are no longer from Iztapalapa, they are from all over the country. We are happily and excitedly waiting for a new year as a family,” said Carlos García in an interview with El Sol de México.

Before the stellar bailongo, the duet Elidian Herederos de la Cumbia —made up of Elías and Diana Mejía, sons of Elías Mejía Avante, leader and founder of Los Ángeles Azules— performed to warm up the spirits, to the sound of their cumbia fusion proposal with new genres.

With freshness and giant balloons that they launched into the public, the duet performed their tropical, rock, cumbia and pop songs, “Let’s do bad things”, “El carbonero”, “Noche de fiesta”, “Eres mi respiro”, “Chupando caña” . In a fit of joy, the group invited some attendees to dance on stage; people threw their respective Doctor Simis at them.

At the edge of 11:00 p.m., the shouts of the people announced the appearance of Los Ángeles Azules on stage, amid colored lights and the mist of dry ice.

Thus the Blue Angels, shouting “From Iztapalapa to Mexico City!” they started with the song “Entrega de amor”, to the sound of their seductive percussion and trumpets that incite sin; followed by “My only love” and “The wonders of life.”

Before playing “La cumbia del acordeón”, Elias Mejia Avante. He asked: “Who is ready to dance?” and he started with “Hay amor” which he dedicated to all those who have come to the Angel of Independence.

And among all the party, behind Los Ángeles Azules, submerged between cumbia and dance, the clock ticks silently, the countdown is getting smaller, CDMX awaits a new return to the sun.