Three classic HBO series that are perfect for binge-watching – Nueva Mujer

There are several long-running and acclaimed television classics that captured the hearts of viewers for years while they were on the air. Several of those classics now on the different streaming platforms that currently exist.

In this opportunity, we come to remind you of three great series that are available on HBO Max and they are a great option for binge-watching and reminiscing or, in some cases, getting to know these interesting and fun stories for the first time.


friends is one of the most popular comedy series of recent times, which is still referenced today. Although the production came to light in 1994, it continues to be one of the most beloved titles by the audience.

The plot tells the story to a group of friends, made up of the characters: Joey Tribbiani, Phoebe Buffay, Rachel Green, Chandler Bing, Monica and Ross Geller. Each episode tells a fun experience of the characters and lasts around a little more than 20 minutes.

The Sopranos

On HBO Max there is also a series that was applauded by everyone: The Sopranos. Spanning a total of six seasons, this drama was released in 1999 and starred James Gandolfini, receiving much praise from critics and viewers.

Its plot tells us about the experiences of an Italian mafia family, which is installed in New Jersey.

dr house

Another of the classic series that you must see on HBO Max is Doctor House. The story introduces us to Dr. Gregory House, who stands out for being an egomaniac and for having a rather peculiar personality. He directs the department of medical diagnostics at Princeton-Plainsboro University Hospital in New Jersey.

This series launched its first episode in 2008 and had eight seasons, which starred Hugh Laurie, who received several awards for his performance in the character that became iconic.