‘Through My Window’ and More Movies Based on Books That Are Trending on Netflix – New Woman

the romantic movie ‘Through my window’ caused such an impact since its premiere on Netflix that there are even more who have dared to enjoy its plot than went from the Wattpad app to the streaming platform and in both they have generated an indescribable phenomenon for their creators.

That is why there are more and more authors who have dared to give life to their novels, choosing the most sought-after filmmakers who also give their creations a plus, either with the incorporation of new characters to add more appeal to the development of the story or with the inclusion of subplots, as well as more current adaptations that can “hook” perfectly with today’s audiences that are increasingly demanding.

All this has become a trend to the point that Netflix’s entertainment catalog has taken over different titles that were once in printed books, as well as in youth reading applications and now they are a “boom” thanks to the ingenuity of the writers and filmmakers.

‘Through my window’ and more movies based on books that are trending on Netflix

After the success that ‘Through my window’ still maintains, more youth productions and others that are somewhat more adult have been added to this trend that aims to transfer what is embodied in books to the streaming platform, thus achieving an unimaginable formula that is capturing everyone’s attention. Hence, everyone is feeling interest in this type of bets.

Therefore, if you are one of those who have been attracted to this type of title, do not hesitate to enjoy these recommendations that we present here and that are based on books that are very fashionable:

we were songs

Elizabeth Benavent is the author of this biology bestseller called ‘Songs and memories’ and that was brought to Netflix as ‘We were songs’. It shows the life of a woman who is bitter about her work as an assistant to an influencer who does not value all her efforts and who, with the support of her friends, decides to leave her to undertake her projects, but it will not be so easy, because He will find himself on his way with an old love that will make him return to the past full of emotional insecurities.


This is another youth bet that was a “boom” long before reaching the streaming platform. Here two young people fight to achieve their dreams, but they never imagine that a wrong text message will bring them closer and will make them discover the love they didn’t know they could feel for each other.

Here too, inclusion is opened, as well as sexual diversity and discovering what the true desires of two dreamy boys are who only seek to grace their parents in the selection of their professional careers. It is a movie worth watching as a family, because it deals with many values ​​and concepts of identity. Her It was written by Wendy Mora.