Throwback: Hardly recognizable Kristen Stewart

No trace of Hollywood glamor: In photos, which Daily Mail published this week, the actress is behind the wheel of a car. She wears sunglasses, a black jogging suit that looks a bit shabby and has a cigarette in her mouth. your fiancee Dylan Meyer is on the passenger seat. According to the British magazine, the lovers were on their way to a mutual friend’s house in Los Angeles.

Relapsed: Kirsten Stewart smokes again

Kristen Stewart has privately preferred the so-called grunge look for a long time. By the way, things are also said to be quite messy at home with the former “Twilight” star. A former cleaning lady once complained that not only did Stewart chain smoke at her Los Angeles home, but she also didn’t put things away and left her cigarette butts everywhere – even in the shower.

The now 31-year-old actress herself said in an interview that she stopped smoking and drinking on her 30th birthday. According to the current photos, Stewart is likely to have relapsed and is smoking diligently again.