Tiktok brings back songs with more than 25 years since its launch

Over time, the Tiktok social network has attracted the attention of millions of users around the world, which has made this application one of the most downloaded in recent yearsespecially in 2020, where due to confinement it managed to attract more public than in the other four years since its creation in 2016.

And it is that one of the many characteristics of this app is to be the platform that more take advantage of music to create content. As a result, countless songs have resurfaced that, thanks to the Tiktok challenges, return to the playlists.

Many of the musical themes that this social network has resurrected date back 26 years and within the span of songs that were released five years ago or more, 10 particular cases are recorded that are currently popular sounds on Tiktok

The songs are: It’s all coming back to me now by Celine Dion, What things have life by Tercer Cielo and Tito el bambino, Our Song by Aventura, I’m on vacation by Rhett and Link, The boy is mine by Brandy and Monica, Cool for the summer by Demi Lovato, What dreams are made of by Hilary Duf, Up to the root by Natalia Lafourcade, Our song by Monsieur Perine and Say it right by Nelly Furtado.

It’s all coming back to me now (1996)

More of 150 thousand users have used this original audio from Celine Dion to make a video where in a spectacular way in the lyrics “baby, baby, baby, when you touch me like this and when you hold me like that” they come out with the best of their closet and imitate the lyrics of that song that had its first version in 1996.

The boy is mine (1998)

When Brandy and Monica released that song in 1998 they never imagined that 24 years later it would remain a trending topic on some social network. In this case, the tiktok of that audio are characterized by insinuating the belonging of a person, many are recorded with their partners while they simulate that they sing the lyrics of that song, especially the part: “I’m sorry that you, seem to be confused, he belongs to me The boy is mine”.

What dreams are made of (2003)

These musical notes were created specifically for the Disney movie “Lizzie McGuire the Pop Star”, since its release it was a success, but as for the most part little by little people stopped playing it.

However, 19 years later Tiktok causes the song to be heard again with a challenge that is characterized by highlighting some achievement of which the person feels proud.

Oursong (2005)

17 years ago Aventura released the song “Our song” which today is popular on Tiktok for more than 100 thousand users that they have decided to use that audio to make it known that they miss a person, especially when that person is outside the country where the person doing the challenge resides.

Say It Right (2006)

The song performed by Nelly Furtado al sol de hoy is one of the most popular on tiktok because of the particular way that one of the users had the idea of ​​going viral. It is only a dance with no more than two steps in front of a bathroom mirror.

I raise my voice (2013)

In recent months, the song “Alzo mi voz” performed by Tito el bambino and Tercer Cielo is one of the most popular on Tiktok, with a total of more than 200 thousand videos. The titokers use that audio to make a challenge alluding to a loved one they lost.

Our Song, (2015)

“With flowers, you took away my sadness with colors”… Immediately these letters sound on the Tiktok platform, it becomes evident that it is that challenge where people dance smiling and on other occasions they show who took “their sadness”.

Monsieur Perine is the singer-songwriter of that song that she published seven years ago.

Cool for the summer, (2015)

Another of the great features of Tiktok is to choreograph the songs, currently the dance created for the song is on top “Cool for the summer” by Demi Lovato, lyrics that despite being published seven years ago, today, has a renewed fame in that application

To the root, (2015)

When referring to self-improvement, overcome stages and thinking about people who must be left behind, Tiktok sounds the lyrics of the song “Hasta la root”, a sound that Natalia Lafourcarde interprets and that has been circulating for seven years.

However, it was not until the creation of that challenge that it gained momentum and it was achieved that thousands more people know the song.

I’m on vacation, (2017)

Dirty Heads, is the one who performs this song that was released in 2017 and five years later Tiktok users use their sound to make a video where they highlight how they enjoy their vacations, especially when the part “Hey i’m on vacation, every single day

Just as Tiktok has managed to bring back hits from the past, it also becomes the main platform for many artists to “play” those songs that they release.