TikTok employees secretly use button to make some videos go viral

Do the employees of TikTok have hidden powers on the platform? In effect, we know that they use a feature to boost content. There is a secret button to put videos in the spotlight. Thus, the popularity of these is almost guaranteed ! We explain to you.

TikTok employees reveal their little secret to boosting videos

On the social network TikTokthe flux ” For you » allows the highlighting of videos that you might like. Push videos relate to your personality and preferences. In theory, it is an algorithm that defines it. But, in practice, he is not the only one to decide! Indeed, according to American journalists from Forbes, it is not only the mathematical formula that has this power of action.

Indeed, employees of TikTokpast and present, would have a possibility to secretly choose videos in order to boost them and D’increase their distribution and therefore notoriety. This revelation changes everything!

Functionality ” refers to boosting videos in the “For You” feed, through an operational intervention, so that they reach a certain number of views“, specifies an internal document of TikTok called ” MINT Heating Playbook“. ” Total ‘promoted’ video views make up a large portion of total daily video views, around 1-2%, which can have a significant impact on metrics.”

Tech players use these kinds of techniques

TikTok has never officially confirmed these revelations. But, we know that if that were the case, they wouldn’t be the only ones. Indeed, the tech giants use this kind of manipulation to increase the dissemination of certain messages. Then, everything depends on what scale we are talking about, to what extent and for what purposes. The issues are not the same on all platforms. In any case, when these companies do this kind of action, they specify with a message at the same time as the publication.

We can take the example of Google and Facebook who have partnerships with public health organizations to deploy messages about the coronavirus crisis. Or with state institutions to tell Internet users how to find their polling station at election time.

But for TikTok, It’s not the same thing. According to information from our colleagues at Forbesemployees of TikTok have used this manipulation for more greedy goals. For example, the platform has artificially increased notoriety of certain brands in order to set up collaborations. It’s unfair compared to others actors and content creators who are not lucky enough to have this “boost”.

The employees of tiktok have abused the feature

Obviously, some employees of TikTok have exaggerated. Indeed, three people revealed to the teams of Forbes that they had propelled videos from their own account or from their friends. This act is a violation of Company policy. For example, an employee of the company had over three million views on one of these videos.

We highlight certain videos to help diversify the user experience and introduce emerging or well-known creators to the TikTok community. Only a few peoplebased in the United States, are authorized to validate the contents put forward on the American territory”, declared TikTok as a defense… The next time you come across content on the platform, ask yourself the question…

Source- https://www.objeko.com/actualite/des-employes-de-tiktok-utilisent-en-secret-un-bouton-pour-rendre-certaines-videos-virales/