Tiktoker exhibits Kunno offering him trips and money in exchange for something else

Mexico City.- Once again kunno is involved in a scandal, this time because the young influencer, Rene Preciadoexposed him for sending him messages through his social networks.

The 19-year-old content creator shared a series of images in which he demonstrates how the Tiktoker asks for sexual favors in exchange for travel and money.

Let us remember that Guillermo, better known as Kunno, became known during the start of the pandemic in 2020 with a dance-walk in TikTokSince then, the regal has become very popular.

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At the moment he enjoys this fame, which has been growing after he began to appear on television programs or as a guest at important events, such as the “New York Fashion Week”, where he paraded and also raised a wave of criticism, attacks and memes. And like this, Kunno has been involved in several controversies.

René Preciado exposed him for offering him trips and money in exchange for ‘favors’. Photo: Instagram.

On this occasion, when exposed by the fitness model, Rene Preciadowho denounced through his official Instagram account that he was receiving some sexual advances from Kunno, who a few days ago invited him to his trip to Paris.

The leak of the screenshots of the stories of Instagram by René Preciado was made by the user @iamluiscisneros on the social network Twitterand showed how the fashion influencer answered his images and messages with adult content.

The snapshots were shared accompanied by a text which caused surprise and outrage among social network users:

The model shared several screenshots where you can see what Kunno writes to him. Photo: Instagram.

“Why do you cancel them crack? Are you ashamed of having offered to take me to Paris (sic) so that I can fuck you? Ridiculous, urgent and interested just like @samuellopez”, René wrote.

Finally, the young man shared a video on his account at Instagram, where he took the opportunity to send a series of warnings to Kunno, however, the TikTok star has avoided talking about the subject and for the moment has not commented on this subject. But Internet users were not going to remain silent, which is why a wave of attacks against him has already been unleashed through various social networks.

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