Til Schweiger’s former 125-kilo bodyguard found dead in a 20-euro hotel

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Of: Claire Weiss

Til Schweiger’s former 125-kilo bodyguard found dead in a 20-euro hotel
Jan Karras (right) was found dead in his hotel room in Uganda. © IMAGO / Reiner Zensen & Screenshot/Youtube/Hans Ripa

Jan Karras was Til Schweiger’s bodyguard for more than ten years. At the beginning of the year, the former security guard found a new calling. He traveled to Uganda to help orphans there.

“I wanted to change my life and flew out on Christmas Eve with a suitcase full of toys. There is so much to help there,” Jan Karras told bild.de in March 2022. The African children loved the martial artist, calling him “Musungu” (big white man).

Til Schweiger’s ex-bodyguard dedicated his life to charity

In the slums of Kampala, the capital of Uganda, many people get sick from dirty water, which is why he built a drinking water system for 1700 euros. “It’s only now that I feel fulfilled in my life. I’ve found my calling, I’ll live there soon,” the ex-cop announced.

The two-meter-tall, 125-kilogram ex-bouncer can no longer implement his plans to help people in Uganda. On Monday morning, August 15, at 9:30 a.m., the former bodyguard had an appointment with the orphanage managers Asha and Rukiya. When he didn’t show up, the two women went to his hotel room, where they found him dead.

Jan Karras died of heart failure

“The police could not find any third-party negligence. An autopsy will be performed in the only local hospital. It was probably heart failure,” says Oliver Alber (38), a friend of the deceased to bild.de. Also Til Schweiger has already commented on the death of his former bodyguard: “We are all deeply shocked. Jan was a special person who still had so many plans.” Together with his longtime companion, the actor wanted to build a refugee home – but the plans failed.

In the case of heart failure (heart failure), the heart cannot keep up with the demands of the body. According to apotheken-umschau.de, the most common cause of heart failure is coronary heart disease, in which there is calcification of the coronary arteries. Middle-aged and elderly people are most affected. Men are three times more likely to suffer heart failure than women. Cardiac death usually occurs unexpectedly, since the disease has remained undetected up to this point.

Til Schweiger stood by Jan Karras even in difficult times

A few years ago, Jan Karras had a bad reputation for sending mercenaries to crisis areas. Til Schweiger then vehemently defended his buddy. Sources used: bild.de, n-tv.de, welt.de, apotheken-umschau.de