Tim Lobinger has become a grandfather – but still cannot see his grandchild

Former pole vaulter Tim Lobinger has become a grandfather. However, he has not yet been able to get to know his granddaughter personally – for a sad reason.

Tim Lobinger announces good news: the former pole vaulter has become a grandfather for the first time. He and his daughter Fee confirm the birth in an interview with “Bunte” magazine. According to the report, his granddaughter was born just before Christmas.

It bears the name Fia, derived from the Italian, which means something like “the fiery” or “the flame”. This name fits “perfectly now,” explains Fee. With her daughter, “a little firework came into our lives”.

“I always wanted to become a young grandfather,” the former athlete continues. Lobinger is proud of Fee and her husband Jonas, who “do everything with such great coolness” that he can “lean back and relax”. “The little one is incredible,” enthuses the 50-year-old about Fia, whom he has not yet been able to meet. “I’m still too weak for long car journeys at the moment,” explains Lobinger.

Tim Lobinger’s cancer is back

The former athlete has cancer. He was diagnosed with leukemia in early 2017 and was initially able to defeat the cancer with stem cell therapy – but the disease returned.

He also confirmed to the magazine last summer that he could lead his daughter down the aisle. “That day I was just the father of the bride, not Tim who was suffering from cancer. That was really good for me,” he explained at the time. Lobinger currently has to go to the University Hospital of Würzburg for regular therapy, the current report goes on to say.

“Of course it would have been nice to hold Fee’s hand more often during pregnancy, but it just wasn’t possible,” said Lobinger. It’s still about “looking ahead and drawing energy from beautiful things”. When they are together, they think about “what else we want to experience,” says Fee.

Lobinger is currently training so that he can soon visit his daughter, her partner and his grandchild. Until then, he will receive new recordings of Fia every day or video chat with her.