“Time does pass” by the face of Kate del Castillo; fans are amazed by the changes in the actress

Kate del Castillo has had an intense year in terms of work; She filmed a movie, recorded the continuation of La Reina del Sur and remains active in her role as an activist in defense of wildlife.

Precisely during the presentation of one of these projects, Kate appeared with such a different appearance that she baffled her fans.

“God, how different it looks,” wrote a user on Chico Farándula’s Instagram in which a photograph was shared in which the actress actually wears a face with natural makeup, which makes her look different.

On the red carpet, Kate del Castillo posed with Adamari López, Jacqueline Bracamontes and Fernando Colunga. In all the photos, she looks excited, smiling, radiant and wearing a black dress that makes her look elegant. A single accessory (a necklace) highlights the figure of her face.

In addition to noticing the differences in his face, there were users who showed their bewilderment.

“In the first photo I thought it was Lili Stefan,” wrote one of them, referring to the fact that Kate’s face looks thinner.

“The mitotera people (ask) what happened to Kate. The age mijitas, the age,” someone else wrote.

“Time does pass”, “She already looks like Miss Laura”, were other comments.