“Time to say goodbye”: terminally ill moderator collects millions

“Time to Say Goodbye”
Terminally ill moderator collects millions

Deborah James’ story is heartbreaking. The BBC presenter has been fighting cancer for over five years – in vain. Knowing that her death is approaching, she says goodbye. Previously, she had raised almost three million euros so that “no other Deborahs have to go through it”.

The terminally ill BBC presenter Deborah James has raised more than 2.5 million pounds (around 2.9 million euros) for a cancer charity with a fundraiser in a short time. She was “absolutely blown away,” James said in a video clip released by the BBC.

“I had a number in my head of about a quarter of a million because I figured that would be enough to pay for a couple of the charities I wanted to fund,” James said.

The 40-year-old, who has had colon cancer for several years, only announced the “Bowelbabe Fund” – after the English term “bowel cancer” for colon cancer – on Monday. Well over a million pounds were raised within a day, and by Wednesday morning the targeted sum had increased tenfold.

“Enjoy life”

James made the diagnosis public in 2016 and has since updated her more than 500,000 followers on Instagram with reports of her treatment and progress. In addition, the mother of two children told a podcast about the disease. “Ultimately, I don’t want any other Deborahs to have to go through this,” she justified her fundraiser.

An Instagram post James published earlier in the week reads like a suicide note. “The message I never wanted to write, we tried everything, but my body just can’t do it anymore,” writes the moderator. She is now at home with her family to spend time with and focus on being pain free. “Nobody knows how long I have left, but I can’t walk, I sleep most of the time and most of what I took for granted is just wishful thinking,” James said.

“For over five years I’ve written about how I imagine my last Christmas to be, that I might not live to see my 40th birthday, or my kids going to college – but I never envisioned what it would be like when it’s actually time for me to say goodbye,” explains James. However, she was surrounded by “so much love” that she hopes it will help her say goodbye. She ends her dramatic post with the words: “No regrets. Enjoy life. Deborah.”