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From his debut in ugly duckling soap operato star in the children’s series “Violetta” and now to be recognized by her own songs15 years have passed in the life of the Argentine singer Tini Stoessel.

And something to be grateful for having known the fame at such an early age is that it allowed him to forge a mature character that has helped him face the exposition internationally, that makes her proud of herself and the artist she has become.

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“At some point what they gave me “Violetta” and Disneywas the job of being on a stage, to enter a studio to record and listen to you. These are things that seem silly, but I swear that when it comes to having experience they also contribute a lot, and I won’t change it for anything, ”he told El Sol de México in a meeting with the media.

“Obviously I went through things, a lot exposition, I was very young. But now I’m working on this, I appreciate the amount of experience that the Projectto understand a lot of things that perhaps in the span of a year I would not have had the ability to understand what it is to be exposed, to be famous and to go on stage,” added the singer 25 years old.

His career began when he was only 10 years old with a supporting role in the soap opera “Ugly Duckling”but it was until he got the protagonist Violetta when he rose to fame

This character won him an award Kid’s Choice Award in 2012 as Actrix Revelationand later took her to film her first movietitled “Tini: The great change of Violetta”. With these bases, he focused on music, with hits like “La triple T”, “La loto” and “Suéltate el pelo”.

Start a new stage

tini is close to launching album “Cupid” that will be released on February 14, which has 14 songs that, according to the artist, they mark a watershed in his life, because the material was worked on during the pandemic and because of the collaborations he achieved.

“It was a point to close this stage, start a new one and be able to share the songs I have left, but weave them together in the same idea, the same concept and in the same story”.

The repertoire consists of some hits that has been gradually becoming known, such as “Flesh and Bone”, “Lie to Me” with María Becerra; The lotus with Anitta and Becky G; “BAR” with L-Ghent; “The last kiss” with Tiago PZK; “Fantasi” with Beele; “Maldita foto” with Manuel Turizo and “Muñecas” an electronic cumbia that he recorded with La Joaqui and DJ Steve Aoki.

“The album It starts with “Cupid” and begins to tell you this story, and it is where it comes to life even more. Every song that I launched and you have already heard is the closure of a stage, and the beginning at some point of a new one. Because there are different things, like the cover in each photo, in each thing that I have uploaded in networks ”.

“Emotionally I feel like giving a little piece of my heart, it’s nice that music. The one who can hear all those songsget into the studio and be able to think about what’s next”.

In addition to this release, Tini will perform at the National Auditorium this Sunday, February 5, an achievement in his career, since from his first visits to Mexico he saw that venue as a goal to achieve.

A tribute to his dad

Some days ago, tini launched along with Christian Nodal “For the rest of your life”, record this song It was an interesting experience for her, since belonging to the regional Mexican genre is very different from what she is used to working with.

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She accepted the proposal because her father encouraged her to do so: “Dad was very sick at the beginning of the year, I remember that before all this happened, he told me ‘skinny, please, record this song, I want to listen to you, I know that It will be beautiful.’”

“After a process of great uncertainty, when he woke up I told him “I recorded the song”. Anything was an incentive for him at that time, and it is also special for me today to have this songmarked such a slow moment in our lives,” he concluded.