Tips from Mauricio Ochmann and Toni Costa to raise self-confident girls

Girls depend on their parents for security and emotional support. Although mom can be the pillar in her training, dad’s presence is of great importance when it comes to forging her character and self-confidence.

When parents engage with their daughters, they will push them more to take risks, not fear failure, and just try.

This is how some celebrities like Mauricio Ochmann and Toni Costa They have given great lessons through the upbringing they do with their respective daughters.

Both separated from their partners but that has not been a reason to move away from their little ones, on the contrary, they have shown that they are their priority.

Mauricio Ochmann and Kailani

To start the year on the right foot, the actor had lovely father and daughter moment in the mountains, where they took advantage of play with the snow and even dance in a tent.

With the close relationship he has forged with Kai, it has become clear that he is not only a present father but also He has worked with Aislinn Derbez to have a healthy relationship despite the separation.

Mauricio Ochmann had fun with Kailani in the snow

When children see that there is respect between their parents, it makes them more understanding of the problems of others, they can also learn to be more helpful, caring, and tolerant of frustration.

On several occasions the actor has shared his days with Kai and also with Lorenza, his first daughter. For Ochmann it has been essential to instill in them a loving and respectful sisterly relationship, in addition to caring that they see him as a good example and someone to trust.

“I have always wanted my daughters to feel confident, to feel the support and love of their father…”, the actor revealed on one occasion for the magazine Who.

Toni Costa and his daughter Alaïa

Although a few days ago a controversy arose because Adamari Lopez cried for not spending New Years with her daughter, it finally became clear that Toni Costa would take care of her and make her happy during his stay with his father’s family.

It should be remembered that Toni and Adamari They separated in May 2021, after ten years together. Although little Alaïa lives with the driver, part of the co-parenting agreements include spending Christmas with one and New Years with another. And since he was with Ada at Christmas dinner, it was his turn to go with his dad.

Via Instagram, the dancer shared the moments with his daughter in Valencia, Spain, where he took her to play in the park and to the movies. The little girl had the opportunity to live with her cousins ​​and enjoy the corners where her father grew up.

Although Alaïa lives happily with Adamari, the moments she spends with Toni are very significant to her because this he has always been concerned with encouraging her to explore the world in her own way.

Parents are pillars in the development of children’s emotional well-being.

No family is perfect and it’s not a written law that daughters have an amazing relationship with their dad. But when you have the opportunity to do so, it is a real fortune.

A dad shows his daughter what a good relationship with a man looks like. If he is affectionate and gentle, your daughter will look for those qualities in men when she is old enough to start dating. If a father is strong and courageous, he will associate closely with men of the same character and will never leave anyone.

A positive father-daughter relationship can have a huge impact on a girl’s life and even determine whether or not she becomes a strong and confident woman.