Titanic director James Cameron wanted to fire Leonardo DiCaprio

Director unpacks about star airs

Leonardo DiCaprio almost dumped before filming “Titanic”.

Leonardo DiCaprio wanted to change the film script and showed star airs. Director James Cameron then threatened the then young actor with being thrown out.


Leonardo DiCaprio became world famous through the movie “Titanic”.

With the film “Titanic” Leonardo DiCaprio (48) became one of the most successful actors of that time in 1997. However, his alleged diva demeanor nearly cost him the role. Director James Cameron (68) revealed in an interview with “GQ” that he was doubly close to denying the actor the role of Jack.

According to Cameron, the then 21-year-old had “enchanted everyone with his charm – especially all the women in the office” when he first auditioned. That’s why he invited DiCaprio to shoot a test recording with co-star Kate Winslet (47), aka Rose. It’s a common procedure to see if there’s chemistry between the leads. However, DiCaprio informed the director that he would never do on-camera screenplay rehearsals prior to production. Cameron gave him an ultimatum: “You come to the screen test or you’re out.” Whereupon the later Oscar winner gave in and “turned into Jack”.