To Selim Majluf, the mariachis sang “these are the mornings…”

Text: Maria Jose Rojas

Selim Majluf celebrated his 38th birthday in the company of his close friends and family.

The Cachivachis fraternity, located in Urubó, It was the ideal place for the long-awaited celebration.

The event featured the presence of various artists, including Maisa Roca and the sensation of the moment: El Mariachi Viralwho was in charge of flooding the night with ranchera songs.

The birthday boy was not far behind and, followed by the band, he delighted his guests with an arduous round of karaoke, in which he performed his favorite musical themes at the top of his lungs.

The food was another of the attractions of the ‘birthday’, since those present were able to savor and enjoy a good barbecue, accompanied by a wide variety of side dishes.

With the beautiful Alejandra Chávez, Selim Majluf, Rosita Roca and Claudia Ortega.

under the lights Orlando Vaca, Selim Majluf, Jorge Velarde and Alejandro Medina.

Together. Henry Pinto, Ricardo Blanco, Joselo Iriarte and Greby Prado.

Cheerful. Carla Soria, Reinaldo Jiménez, Selim Majluf, Andressa Delatorre and Jorge Zambrana.

Between friends. Roby Yépez, Eloy José, Selim Majluf, Jorge Ribero and Piroco Gutiérrez.

Cheerful. Monino Roca, Dennis O´Connor, Jeannine Balcázar and Nino Roca.

Good company. Humberto Pinto, Selim Majluf and Alejandra Arze.

The trich. Denixon Ortega, Fernando Lijerón and Carlos Calderón.