To the operating room! Omar Fierro will undergo a delicate operation and reveals: “I need a prosthesis”

This year has been a lot of work for Omar Iron, who splendidly played the villain of the telenovela Mi fortuna es amarte and, at the same time, joined the base cast of Como dice el dicho, where he currently plays Pedro, the partner of Don Tomás (Sergio Corona) in the most famous from Mexico With so much speed, the actor confided to TV and novels that he has not had time to take care of his health, but now things have settled down and he is already preparing everything to enter the operating room again.

This 2022 you have not stopped working… That’s right, and I’m very happy, especially after the huge success of the telenovela (Mi fortuna es amarte), in which I played a wonderful character, a villain that I hadn’t played for a while now.

Do you like being the bad guy in the story? What happens is that you do a lot of things that you wouldn’t do in real life, so you think, “Am I really going to steal this? Am I really going to grab a gun?… And I really enjoy that part; but I also like the contrast, like the character I play in As the saying goes, that one is more like me, although each one has the charm of him.

By the way, how are you in health? When do you operate? I’m just seeing, I think I’ll have surgery in a few days, I have to see with my doctor how my knee and ankle are going to be so I can be at full strength.

What exactly happened to you? My right ankle is cracked, and I’ve already had three operations on my left knee; It has been tremendous, I broke it in half when I was 16 years old.

How do you think! Why? What happens is that I played American football and all my life I was hit: I did martial arts, I practiced racquetball, tennis, squash… So, the knee, with my weight on it all the time, is cannon! In addition, I have continued to exercise, work and do various things, but now it is time to have surgery.

Is the surgery delicate? What do the doctors tell you? Well, I need a prosthesis, they have to remove my knee and put a new one on, so yes, it’s difficult, but we’re going to give it a go and get this done.

Are you afraid? No, because I’ve already had several surgeries and I’ve been on crutches I don’t know how many times, so whatever I touch, because there are days when my knee hurts a lot.

Why had you put off the intervention for so long? Precisely because of the chamba. Blessed God there is a lot of work, but I already spoke with Genoveva Martínez (producer of Como dice el dicho) to see the possibility of including this intervention in one of the stories; I mean, if I’m going to be limping, let them know it was because I sprained my leg and make it look normal.

On the other hand, how are you doing in your weight loss process? Very well! I eat what I should eat, I exercise: bicycle, elliptical, a bit of weights, and I take some pills to go to the bathroom more, and with that I have and I’m great.

How many kilos did you weigh and how many have you lost? It weighed a lot (laughs), and I’ve lost about 20 kilos, the important thing is that I’m carrying it there.