To the rhythm of ‘Arremangala, arrempujala’, Victoria Ruffo and Maribel Guardia conquer again with their dances – Nueva Mujer

Victoria Ruffo (60 years old), Maribel Guardia (62 years old) and Africa Zavala (36 years old) did their thing again while recording the second installment of ‘Crown of tears’.

The actresses starred in a new video with particular choreography making his fans laugh.

They take advantage of the breaks during the recordings to perform fun TIkTok that are quickly filled with interactions on social networks, due to their peculiar steps of out of sync dances.

Victoria Ruffo, Maribel Guardia enjoy to the fullest

Victoria and Maribel They prove that age is not a limit to waste beauty and enjoy it to the fullest without fear of criticism.

To the rhythm of the theme “Pull it up, tuck it up”the three famous began to move their hips with little jumps and lots of laughter.

“Here being ridiculous for a while but happy,” wrote Maribel Guardia to accompany the video that she took up on her Instagram account.

This is not the first time de-stress their followers creating content for social networks, either with dances or with audios, filling themselves with pick up lines for its beauty and Congratulations for her talent in dancing.

“Thank you for so much!!!”, “Hahahahahahaha Victoria is already a dancer”, “they have fun and that’s the important thing 👏👏 I love that now they don’t try to coordinate, each one in their own style”, “The laughs that we they infect some around here, it makes our day, literally”, “You are simply wonderful! I love it!” and “Excellent, that’s attitude”, are some of the messages that his fans left under the publication.

His colleagues from the artistic world are not far behind either and have filled their colleagues with congratulations. Such was the case of the actor and driver Ernesto Laguardia, Roxana Castellanos and Consuelo Duval, who took the opportunity to express their emotion for joining them.

“I love them they make me happy. I already need to do one with you”, wrote the actress who gave life to ‘Federica’ in the comedy series “La Familia P.Luche”.