To the rhythm of rap; This is how Juan Diego Alvira celebrated his India Catalina award

On Sunday, March 20, the India Catalina awards ceremony was held, awards given to highlight the talent and production of the audiovisual industry in Colombia. One of the winners was the journalist Juan Diego Alvira, who was the winner in the category of ‘Best newscaster’.

In this 38th edition of the India Catalina Awards there were surprises and revelations, even a winner fell on her way to receive her award. For her part, Alvira went up to the platform and he was very grateful for the votes that ensured his victory.

As usual, the celebrations and defeats of the nominees crossed borders and moved to the digital world.

Netizens and social network users did not hesitate to share their thoughts on the awards, but one of the videos that has caused the most stir is with the pronunciation of some words that he sang, in the style of rap, the presenter and He shared them in the stories of his official Instagram profile, where he accumulates a million followers.

Through the video piece, it can be seen that Juan Diego Alvira is in Cartagena, the city where the audiovisual industry awards are given, while walking through the walled city he runs into a trio of street artists who, with their rhythm and characteristic flavor, they sang to the 45-year-old man. However, Alvira wanted to respond to the phrases of recognition and dared to utter a rap rhyme, as a complement.

“I thought that you came to celebrate, but what you have come is to charge and, yes, whatever you do I even start dancing”, recited the presenter who had a tuxedo and India Catalina in hand.

In the same publication, the Tolimense recognized that this was not his great talent, but, in any case, he wrote: “It didn’t rhyme much, but we played it”, Without a doubt, it was a unique way to celebrate the victory that shows the affection that Colombians feel for him.

This is the video that shows the celebration, to the rhythm of rap, that Juan Diego Alvira made in the streets of Cartagena:

On the other hand, the journalist has had his own YouTube channel for some time, where he generates news content and conducts interviews with well-known figures in Colombian public opinion.

Before the opening of his new channel, many believed that he would leave Canal Caracol, to which Alvira replied:

“You have to look for other ways to bring income into your pocket, especially when you have a daughter of four, almost five years old, who is asked for school supplies until she says ´no more´. So you have to look for other sources of income and I’m trying to play it,” the journalist alluded.

Then, in one of his last interventions from the digital platform, he said the reason why he had been absent for several days.

“Hello everyone, it really is a pleasure to greet you, here we are back and I must tell you with all the frankness in the world that I was absent due to some health problems, linked to a little problem that literally kept me awake at night”, said Alvira.

Later, he revealed the disorder with which he had to fight and that did not let him sleep peacefully.

“And yes, it has been the nightmare of this and it has its own name, insomnia,” said the communicator. “Not sleeping well, it’s torture, they don’t know how mortifying it is,” he added.

After explaining his absence and the trouble he had falling asleep, gave a balance of the elections of last Sunday, March 13 and entered into journalistic matters.