Tobey Maguire Returns as Peter Parker in Spider-Man 4 Fan Trailer

Many are the fans of the superhero who yearn to see Tobey Maguire as Peter Parker after his star appearance opposite Tom Holland and Andrew Garfield in ‘No Way Home’. Now, a fan trailer recreates what his return as ‘Spiderman’ would be like if Sam Raimi directed a fourth installment of the spider-man hero.

And it is that, the appreciation that the ‘fandom’ professes to the actor, and that the interpreter also keeps for the character, has been igniting several rumors about a new ‘Spiderman’ movie starring Maguire. What’s more, even though raimi repeatedly made it clear that he had no plan or story for a possible ‘spider man 4′, he has also been optimistic many times about Maguire’s return as Peter Parker.

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Now a fan trailer posted by ‘Screen Culture’ seems to have made the dream of many fans of the Spider-Man universe. The video, presented as if it were a co-production of Sony Pictures and Marvel Studiosshows what the return of the actor would be like if he resumed the Spider-Man tights in an alleged fourth film directed by Sam Raimi in which there would also be old acquaintances as the JJ Jameson by JK Simmons.

In such a way that, in this montage, which lasts just over 1 minute, he skilfully mixes scenes from both the original trilogy by Sam Raimi and ‘Spiderman’: Homecoming. and even, from No Way Home. Thus, while one of the most memorable shown in the video is the one in which Maguire gets rid of his spider suit in the alley to never be Spider-Man again, others, taken from the third installment of the saga starring by Holland, would mean his return.

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A return that would be marked by one of the villains who never appeared in the Raimi trilogy: the Vulture, to whom Michael Keaton would put a face again after being defeated by Peter Parker in ‘Spiderman’: Homecoming. In fact, the clip appears to show that Adrian Toomesthe true identity of this wall-crawling enemy, would return stronger than ever to face off against the webcaster.

Only that his battle will be with Maguire’s Spider-Man, who would rise again across the multiverse to face him and stop him in this hypothetical fourth film of Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man. However, despite the fact that ‘Spiderman 4’ is far from being a reality, Sony Pictures will continue to expand the spiderverse with several films and spin-offs related to the wall-crawler, the most anticipated being Spider-Man: Crossing the Multiverse, which will hit theaters on June 2, 2023.