Tobias Moretti: His daughter Antonia follows in his footsteps

She is well on the way to becoming a big name in the German acting world. About two years ago, Antonia Moretti (24) was seen side by side with her father Tobias Moretti (63) in the ZDF mafia thriller “Im Netz der Camorra”. Since then, the beautiful daughter of the “Kommissar Rex” star and the successful obolist Julia Moretti (52) has gone uphill.

The dream couple of the evening: In the video above you can see how Tobias Moretti’s wife steals the show from him.

It’s no longer a secret that Antonia was practically born with her artistic talent. She has been convincing a wide audience with her skills and breathtaking looks for several years now. But Antonia actually had completely different plans for her future!

Tobias Moretti: His daughter can hardly save herself from acting offers

As the “Bild” newspaper reports, Antonia Moretti originally wanted to study physiotherapy. But acting got in the way of the 24-year-old – fortunately. After she already shone alongside her father Tobias Moretti in the ZDF thriller “Im Netz der Camorra”, she also stood in front of the camera for the sequel “Der Gejagte”. The next projects of the acting daughter? Guaranteed to be there.

Tobias Moretti: His daughter is considered “Female Discovery of the Year”

Not only Papa Tobias should be very proud of his little one. The German acting world is also happy about the talented youngsters who regularly shine in front of the camera. So it’s no wonder that last year Antonia was awarded the prestigious film and television prize “Romy” as “Female Discovery of the Year”. But we are certain: this is just the beginning for the 24-year-old.