Today, driver was going to routine review, ends up hospitalized

Very worried! This is how the followers of the Hoy Program and more specifically of the host Paul Stanley were left after the beloved celebrity was absent from the morning star of Televisa for a couple of days.

It transpired last Wednesday, April 20, that Paul Stanley would not have appeared at Today for health reasons, but it was not something that was revealed in the popular television program. What happens is that many thought the absence of the actor was normal since that day there would be a press conference of the television program of which he is also a part, Losing the trial.

However, many were alarmed after seeing that Paul Stanley was the great absentee at the press conference in which other personalities such as Lolita Cortés and Jorge el Burro Van Rankin were present. It was the producer, Memo del Bosque, who revealed to the media and the public the reason why the host of Hoy and Members on the air was not there.

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To the surprise of many, Stanley appeared on a screen from the hospital with the corresponding gown, jokingly pointing out that he had had to be hospitalized, but without losing his sense of humor and taking the opportunity to invite everyone to see the program they were advertising.

Today, driver was going for routine review, ends up hospitalized. Photo: Instagram.

The next day, last Thursday, Paul Stanley linked to Today to talk about his state of health, assuring that everything started with routine exams. According to the famous, the tests showed that his platelets were too low, and continued to drop, which is why the doctors were alarmed and decided to keep him under observation.

The comedian pointed out that he would have presented Salmonellosis, a reason to which they linked his low platelets; however, and although he shared that he felt better, he did not specify the doctors’ conclusion to his bad.

Fortunately, this Friday, April 22, Paco Stanley’s son was able to rejoin his activities on the Hoy Program, where he was received with applause, hugs and many expressions of affection.

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