Together with Natti Natasha and Daddy Yankee: Vida Isabelle, the daughter of the singer and Raphy Pina wore a princess dress on her first Christmas without her father | People | Entertainment

Vida Isabelle, the one-year-old daughter of Natti Natasha and Raphy Pina, enjoyed her second Christmas and the first without her father, who is serving a sentence of three years and five months in a medium-security federal prison in North Carolina, United States Joined.

The singer shared photos on her social networks where she is seen in the company of her family, little Vida Isabelle and the “Big Boss”, Daddy Yankee, who is the girl’s godfather and great friend of the music producer.

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Daughter of Natti Natasha and Raphy Pina looked like a princess at Christmas

Mother and daughter wore matching dresses in old pink and posed in front of the tree to send a “Merry Christmas” to all their followers on social networks.

In the postcards shared by the “Ram pam pam” interpreter, she is seen in the company of her husband’s children, Raphy Pina, Daddy Yankee and Mireddys González, the wife of the “Gasolina” singer.

“Merry Christmas,” the artist wrote in the publications. For her part, Raphy Pina spent her first Christmas Eve behind bars, from where she regretted not being able to be with her family and stated that “you can’t imagine how many here in prison would just like a hug.”

The businessman and music producer posted a photograph from prison in a Christmas tree and wrote an extensive text to express his good wishes to his followers and remember that the love of his loved ones is the most important thing on these dates.

In addition, Raphy Pina added that he has already written his first book in prison, which will soon come to light and will reveal what his life is like behind bars and separated from his wife, Natti Natasha, his daughter Vida Isabelle, the rest of his family and their friends. (AND)

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