Tom & Bill Kaulitz: Angry about the RTL show “The Passion”

At Easter, RTL showed “The Passion”, the passion story of Jesus Christ, reenacted with German casting, pop and soap stars in downtown Essen and “told” by “Bible Master” Thomas Gottschalk (71). The spectacle fell through with most viewers. There was outrage on Twitter. Prominent voices also mingled with the general bewilderment.

Now Tom and Bill Kaulitz (32) have reported because Judas actor Mark Keller (56) sang his biggest Tokio Hotel hit on the show.

In the podcast “Senf aus Hollywood” Bill Kaulitz commented: “What’s that? I saw it just because someone sang ‘Through the monsoon’.” He doesn’t understand the idea at all. “They thought they wanted to tell the passion of Christ again at Easter, so they took that and made a modern musical out of it. I think a lot of people would feel completely duped.”

Tom and Bill Kaulitz: “They didn’t pay us anything for it”

They would not have received any money for using their song, emphasized Bill and Tom. No, they didn’t pay us anything for it. We should get compensation.”

“Bibelmaster” Thomas Gottschalk (71) had to criticize the show the day after voiced. It was clear to me that such an attempt would be ridiculed on social media. The story was certainly not ‘cool’ and its outcome was known,” the newspaper “Bild” quoted him as saying. “Some things could certainly have been done differently and better, but it was definitely worth the try and I don’t regret that I took part have.”