Tom Cruise arrives at the premiere of Top Gun: Maverick in a helicopter driven by him

Being a movie actor represents delving into your respective role and few make this premise a reality like Tom Cruise who returned to give something to talk about during the premiere of his latest production.

To refer to the New York actor is to relate the danger with the passion for work, because in different recordings it has been captured how Cruise He even puts his physical integrity at risk to make the film look its best.

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But the “superhero” behavior of Tom Cruise It is not only inside the recording set, because it takes him to his daily life.

This was demonstrated during the red carpet of his latest film Top Gun: Maverickbecause the actor decided to arrive at it in an unusual way.

The actor was recorded as he descended from a helicopter to reach the carpet, but what caught everyone’s attention is that the actor piloted the ship he used to transport himself.

Cruise revealed that he learned to fly helicopters during the filming of Mission Impossible: Falloutwhere your character Ethan Hunt He had to drive a helicopter in a dive.

Tom Cruise the superman of recordings

It is known that the actor enjoys performing the action scenes that correspond to him without a double, so he is at risk.

for the filming of Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocolthe actor climbed the building Burj Khalifa at a height greater than 500 metersleaning on a special harness that even cut off his circulation.

For the delivery of the saga Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation, Tom Cruise he clung to the side of an Airbus A400M plane that lifted him 300 meters high at a speed of more than 185 kilometers per hour.

On the other hand in the movie The Mummy of 2017the actor had to film the scene on a plane that POT used to train astronauts. The aircraft had to fall from the 7 thousand 620 metersfor a period of 22 seconds to get the right shot.

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One of the most remembered scenes is the one he performed for Mission Impossible: Falloutwhere the actor had to jump a great distance between one building and another without any protection, only relying on an almost imperceptible harness.

The jump made by the actor was poorly calculated and caused his foot to hit a Wall and end by injure your ankleDue to the above, the filming of the tape had to be paused.