Tom Cruise arrives by helicopter at the premiere of Top Gun

The actor showed off his style to surprise everyone by arriving in a helicopter and walking through the helipad as if from the movie.

The movie “Top Gun: Maverick” had its premiere in San Diego, California. But the action movie didn’t have the iconic first scene of the day, as actor Tom Cruise made an appearance on the deck of an aircraft carrier descending in a helicopter.

Tom Cruise surprised his fans by appearing in a helicopter and landing on the USS Midway deck used by the United States Navy.

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The actor, who is about to turn 60, came down from the apparatus wearing an elegant black tuxedo and greeting the fans who were in the place.

The premiere of the sequel to the 1986 film starring Cruise and Val Kilmer took place yesterday, May 5.

It is not the first time that the actor has made this type of entrance, for the premiere of Mission Impossible he also traveled by helicopter, landing in the garden of a private house in the United Kingdom.

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Cruise is characterized by performing many of the stunts that he is seen doing in the movies, so his experience always leads him to do unusual activities.

“Top Gun: Maverick” is one of the most anticipated training sessions of the year. This title was one of the ones that suffered the most from delays and date changes due to the pandemic, reaching a delay of more than two years according to initial plans.