Tom Cruise breaks the internet by appearing dancing to the rhythm of Merlina – Nueva Mujer

wednesday, the Netflix series, based on the life of merlinthe eldest daughter of the addams family, It has become a complete success, breaking audience records just weeks after its premiere and leaving some iconic scenes that will remain to be remembered.

Jenna Ortega, the protagonist of the plot, has captured all eyes, achieving the highest point of her fame, so she will surely appear in more than one new production.

Meanwhile, he continues to captivate Internet users and even celebrities with the particular dance of one of the scenes of wednesday, which has gone viral on social networks and has now been Tom Cruise the one who surprised with his funny steps.

Tom Cruise’s viral dance

Though Tom Cruise usually shows an image of seriousness in each of his tapes, he recently decided to get out of his rectitude by recreating the iconic dance to the rhythm of bloody mary from Lady Gaga, Well, one of the most viral videos on the platform is an edition of the dance along with said song in the background.

Remember that the interpreter of Bad Romance decided to join this trend, leaving more than one with their mouths open and wanting to replicate it, as has been the case with Tom.

In it viral video the famous can be seen dancing in the front yard of his Mansion and dressed only in a bathrobe.

The reactions did not take long to appear with funny comments for the actor and even some jokes about it.

“Tom Cruise spent too much time with Lady Gaga on the set of top gun: Maverick”, “This has been the best version”, “Tom leaving the shirt and tie aside, how great”, “I love this”, “The funniest thing to close 2022”, they commented.