Tom Cruise received a salary of 12 million euros for Top Gun: Maverick but the success of the film around the world will allow him to earn much more money than that

537,878 more admissions in France for Top Gun: Maverick with Tom Cruise for its sixth week in theaters. Which now makes nearly 4.8 million admissions for the sequel to Top Gun, released in 1986. Tom Cruise was already there but the success was more television than cinematographic. In the world, Top Gun: Maverick has exceeded one billion dollars in revenue, a first for a Tom Cruise feature film despite the actor’s XXL career, now 60 years old. He didn’t need that to be recognized as a great comedian or to be financially comfortable. However, Top Gun: Maverick will allow him to receive a colossal cachet.

PuckNewsan American media that presents itself as being “focused on the stories lived at the crossroads of Hollywood, Wall Street, Washington and Silicon Valley”, indicated the sum that Tom Cruise could finally collect for Top Gun: Maverick. The initial fee of the Hollywood star is 12.5 million dollars, or approximately 12.3 million euros. Logically, he also negotiated a percentage based on theatrical and then streaming receipts since Joseph Kosinski’s film should be released on a platform at the start of the school year in September. Given the enormous theatrical success, more than 1 billion dollars in revenue therefore, Tom Cruise could quintuple his base salary. PuckNews estimates that the actor will at least receive a bonus of 60 million dollars, which could rise to more than 80 million if the box Top Gun keep on going. From 12 million euros, Tom Cruise’s salary could therefore finally rise to 80 or even 90 million euros in a few weeks. With all the stunts he has done and all the happiness given to the spectators in theaters, he will not have stolen them.