Tom Hanks would turn down Oscar role today

“One of the reasons people weren’t scared of this movie was because I played a gay man. We’re beyond that now,” Hanks explained in the interview. He doesn’t think “people would accept the inauthenticity of a straight man playing a gay man.” It is “no crime, no booing if someone says that in the modern world of authenticity we can ask more of a film”.

Hanks thinks other films of his are “bullshit”

In the interview, Hanks also reckoned with another role of his and with it the “Da Vinci Code” strip. Among other things, he described the film adaptations of Dan Brown’s bestsellers as “nonsense”. The Oscar winner played symbol researcher Robert Langdon in “The Da Vinci Code”, “Illuminati” and “Inferno”. For him, the productions correspond to the true story just as little as the “James Bond” films correspond to the real world of espionage.

Today he sees it as a purely commercial venture. He has nothing against well-made, commercial entertainment. “But when we did the third film, we proved it wasn’t good commerce after all.” “Inferno” not only lagged behind its predecessors in terms of criticism, but also at the box office.

Hanks is coming up in “Elvis”. He plays Tom Parker, the manager of the titular singer. Austin Butler stars in the film.