Tom Hiddleston reveals the sexuality of the character of ‘Loki’

London.- Since last year, it has been confirmed that the character played by the actor Tom Hiddleston in the series of Disney+ “Loki” was bisexual, this respecting the variations of his counterpart in the comics.

In a recent interview with the British newspaper Guardianthe also film producer spoke about the moment, and assured that more can be done with his character.

“I was really honored to be asked,” the histrion confessed about what it meant to be asked to return as “Loki” for the Disney + series.

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“We all wanted to keep the integrity of the character – I wanted to make sure we didn’t lose the parts that people loved, while doing something new,” he shared.

So far it is not known if the character’s sexuality will continue to be deepened. Photo: Special.

Thomas William Hiddleston, originally from Westminster, London, assured that he already saw the fact that his character had to come out of the closet coming.

I also hope that the fact that Loki came out as bisexual was significant to the people who saw it. It was a small step, and we have to keep moving forward. But it was definitely important to all of us,” he expressed.

Although the sexuality of “Loki” was never a transcendental theme in the series, the brief mention of it is what excited the followers of the saga who continue to expect more representation of the LGBT + community in Marvel Cinematic Universe (UCM). Incidentally, little by little they are coming out.

The second season of “Loki” is expected to come out in early 2023. Photo: Special.

So far it is unknown if the next season of “Loki” will continue to delve into the character’s sexuality, but as he has already acknowledged Hiddlestonand even other Marvel creators, the small step they took to recognize their bisexuality was also very significant, especially when we are talking about a company like Disney.

The second season of “Loki” is expected to be released until early 2023, and at the moment it is unknown exactly what the plot will address, especially after the chaotic end of the first series, which established kang as one of the biggest villains in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, while also seeming to transport Loki to an entirely different, parallel universe.

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