Tom Kaulitz: He talks to Bill Kaulitz about the reverse midlife crisis

In their joint podcast “Kaulitz Hills – Senf aus Hollywood”, the twin brothers Tom and Bill Kaulitz (33) keep talking about private things. Her latest episode is about the midlife crisis. The brothers philosophize about when you find yourself in this situation, as Tom says to Bill, “Of course you already have a sports car, but then the normal man says, ‘I’ll stop saving and buy a sports car.'”

With his brother, the husband of model Heidi Klum (49) would be more worried about a reverse midlife crisis, but that would probably never happen because Bill was a “narcissist through and through”, according to the “Tokio Hotel” – Guitarist.

You can find out exactly what Tom Kaulitz means by a reverse midlife crisis and why Bill Kaulitz is actually in a kind of crisis at the moment in the video above.

More than 20 years “Tokio Hotel”: How Tom and Bill Kaulitz have changed

Tom and Bill Kaulitz just turned 33 a few weeks ago. So we took a look back at their careers and lives. The two are probably the best-known twin brothers in Germany. More than 20 years ago – in 2001 – they founded the band “Tokio Hotel” and had their career breakthrough with the song “Durch den Monsun”.

While Bill Kaulitz reveals little about his love life, his brother Tom has been married to model mom Heidi Klum since 2019. The 33-year-olds have also changed a lot when it comes to hairstyles and outfits – punk hairstyles, dark eye make-up and dreadlocks are a thing of the past.

In the video below, we show you how Tom and Bill Kaulitz have changed since the beginning of their careers. Check it out!