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On the morning of this Monday, March 21, ‘Tomato’ Barraza He came to the set of “América Hoy” to talk about his recent controversy with the mother of his youngest daughter, Vanessa López; However, despite the fact that he answered the first questions without any problem, the singer preferred to leave the set unexpectedly.

After answering an alleged phone call, the popular “Tomate” Barraza approached the hosts of the program to indicate that he preferred not to talk about his ex-partner and that he was going to leave the recording studio.

“Well, the production has coordinated with your manager on the matter, but he told me he doesn’t want to talk about the subject of his daughter’s motherthat he doesn’t want to expose that topic, that he doesn’t want to make people talk. He does not feel that he can talk about the subject, contribute with what we wanted to do and has preferred to withdraw”, explained Ethel Well.

“I’ve seen ‘Tomate’ on other shows with his ex-partner talking about it very freely, so we thought it was important for him to speak out. I feel that we have not disrespected him, far from it, but he has not felt comfortable and has chosen to withdraw, which we respectadded Janet Barboza.

Tomato Barraza's reasons for withdrawing from 'America today'
Tomate Barraza’s reasons for withdrawing from ‘America Today’ https://www.americatv.com.pe/noticias/


At the beginning of the program, after being presented as a guest, ‘Tomate’ Barraza responded to the mother of her youngest daughter regarding her statements about an alleged preference for her eldest daughter and that she had not seen her little girl for two weeks despite her visiting schedule.

I think that loving one daughter more than another would be something abominable. Impossible in my case, I love my two daughters equally, unfortunately they are many years apart”the singer pointed out.

“There are definitely things that you don’t know and that I don’t have to tell the public either, but what I can say is that Last week I had a very bad week because they admitted me to the clinic as an emergency, I have a reserved diagnosis that I hope will not go furtheradded ‘Tomato’ Barraza.

Tomato Barraza responds to her ex-partner
Tomato Barraza responds to her ex-partner https://www.americatv.com.pe/noticias/


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